While Northwest infrastructure crumbles (as the current mayor
ward representative and city council continue their push for expensive apartments 
and "new restaurant" gentrification & overdevelopment into the N.E., S.E., & S.W. quadrants), Frame Mart Gallery steadfastly continues to be a one-of-a-kind, 
2nd-generation-owned & operated family business rarity in the slowly eroding retail & service streetscape of Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. !

...as our special "50-YEARS-IN-ONE-LOCATION" 
but closing(?) anniversary retail sale is ongoing !

*30% off ALL Retail Items sale*
on $30-or-more CASH-and-carry or CHECK-only purchases.

We are still showing a variety of antique/vintage bookplates, prints and ephemera ready-for-framing.

We specialize in hard-to-find vintage & carved-wood frame mouldings 
(great for your art & as new mirrors!)

Perfect for use in your fine home-
or great choices for hip apartment decor; interior designers, artists, collectors, historians, 
D-I-Y picture framers in need of open-back, ready-made frames.


Ukrainian egg (pysanky) design supplies 
and ceramics, framed art & paintings,
eclectic mid-century items and various curios/tchotchkes for sale!

APPOINTMENTS in advance for Custom Framing Services
VERY MUCH appreciated :

202-363-5200 or Re:Chris at framemartgallerysince1968@gmail.com

Location:  3307 Connecticut Avenue,  N.W.    
                        Washington, D.C.  20008

      Phone: 202-363-5200

      Hours: Sun/Mon: CLOSED
                  Tuesday: 10:30-6:30
                                    Closed for errands and 
                                    previously-made appointments
                  Friday: 10:30-6:30
                  Sat: 11:00-5:00
                                    Open other days/hours 
                                    by personal request/appointments-made.

We may be "losing-our-lease", so 
on behalf of my father Emilian 
(on the 10+th anniversary of his passing 1925-2007) 
and his surviving wife Lorraine, 
(my mother)
Christopher TRULY has heartfelt, 
loving appreciation for all the 
large & small moments and stories shared with our Cleveland Park neighbors, customers, friends and of all those very special times while working with your art and personal collections of cherished photographs, certificates, diplomas, documents and all those repairs and"fix-its".
Please also stop-in to leave Chris your contact information or sign our 
old-school, non-computerized mailing list for Chris to stay in contact with you in case we are forced to move (or please email us your contact information!) Thanks.
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